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Research Integrity overview
Research Integrity

We support the truth in research

We help ensure that research stands up to scrutiny. Our tools use smart data analysis to catch any inaccuracies, keeping academic work honest and trusted.

Our expertise in data science not only identifies discrepancies but also empowers researchers with tools for maintaining the highest standards of academic honesty, setting us apart as a trusted authority in research integrity.

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Automatic Periodic Reporting

Automatic Periodic Reporting

Scheduled insights delivery to monitor ongoing research integrity

Visualization Tools

Visualization Tools

Advanced graphical representations that show patterns in the editorial conduct

Interactive UI

Interactive UI

User-friendly interfaces allowing easy exploration of research data

We monitor the publishing process

In preparation


Under review



Types of Academic Misconduct

  1. Citation Manipulation

  2. Manipulation in the review assignment

  3. Misconduct Network

  4. Others

Our strategy

Our strategy

Here are our strategies and methodologies that we use to maintain the highest standards of academic honesty and innovation.

  • Collaborate with the stakeholders on setting up the requirements and the priorities.
  • Participate in open discussion on the methodologies and alternative solutions.
  • Attend regular stand-ups and report the progress of the open tasks.
  • Support code versioning and offer technical documentation.
  • Adapt to new R&D ideas and provide POC.