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We are at the forefront of delivering bespoke IT solutions for the STM publishing industry, leveraging Big Data, NoSQL, and ETL technologies to meet the unique demands of academic publications.

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in every single solution, from author name disambiguation to advanced institution matching, and enhancing the scholarly communication landscape.

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Author Name Disambiguation

Institution Matching

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Disambiguate Author Names

Our Author Name Disambiguation tool addresses common issues of identical names and varying string representations. Leveraging metadata, it precisely attributes publications to the correct authors, crafting detailed author profiles for accurate scholarly records.

  • Identity Precision

  • Metadata Mastery

Expertise in Scholarly Publishing

Distinguish your publishing with SADA’s unique blend of technological innovation and scholarly acumen. Our deep-rooted knowledge in STM publishing translates into advanced, precise solutions for today’s academic challenges.

Data-Driven Publication Insights

Enhanced Scholarly Impact

Scalable Publishing Solutions

Integration of Scholarly Platforms

Comprehensive Author Support