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10+ years of MarkLogic Experience

At SADA Intelligent Solutions, we harness the power of MarkLogic to craft tailored data management solutions. Our seasoned team combines advanced architectural design with strategic development to deliver robust, scalable, and secure applications.

Our approach integrates MarkLogic's advanced features with our security-first mindset, ensuring that each solution meets industry standards. We're not just builders; we are innovators focused on elevating the data experience to its pinnacle of efficiency and reliability.

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What we thrive in

  • Strategic Development & Architecture

  • Data Integration Mastery

  • Search & Query Excellence

  • Robust Security Protocols

  • Comprehensive Training & Support

  • Performance Tuning Specialists

The Skills That Set Us Apart

We follow the highest established industry standards.

MarkLogic application development

MarkLogic architecture

ML data hub (on-premises and service)

Document modeling

Advanced search and query optimization

Semantics, triple stores, and SPARQL

MarkLogic optic API